Joel has been with Bang since the earliest days. He holds a diploma in Web Development from VCC in Vancouver, BC. For Joel, web design, development and architecture have always been his jam, professionally speaking.

Joel Speaks & More:
“I enjoy building this virtual landscape and I’m always fascinated by the mechanisms that make it work.” Joel heads many of our largest web-based projects and his handiwork can be admired on the website for The Source and Troll Resort, among others. Clients often praise his attention to detail and quick response.

In His Spare Time: Joel enjoys snowboarding and can also be counted on to construct the perfect playlist for nearly any occasion. He regularly plays hockey on his deck and remains an avid Canucks fan. Joel is blessed with wicked dance moves and on occasion, and with some prompting, he’ll even sing!

The Goal:
To continue to thrill clients with his command of that incredible virtual landscape we call the internet.