Looking Inwards: “I’ve always had the knack of finding the right solution to the right problem.” Indeed, one of her first projects was as Head Designer for an international ginseng manufacturing company. Just fresh from a highly-regarded design program, she was charged with creating the packaging of their highly-regarded product line. Sold on 4 continents, the original designs are still in use today.

Along the Way: Whether designing packaging where the story must be successful told in 3 seconds or less, creating a communications system for ski and golf resorts or writing content for a new campaign, Tammy has a strong “can-do” credo. In the past, she has served as Head Designer, Director of Marketing, Manager of Retail Packaging, Manager of US Franchising and Managing Director, within various companies.

The Approach: The secret to good design? “I always design with the end-user in mind. What are their concerns, their passions, their fears? I try to become that customer, even for just a short while, to design and/or write for that particular audience.”

Her Goals: Tammy strives to create projects that work on multiple levels. Growing both the Bang! MediaWorks brand and those of our clients continues to be a passion but also a means to an end; “Its what we create and how those projects affect and influence both our clients and their customers that drives us”.