What is Bang MediaWorks Inc.

Ad Agency. Design Studio. Call us what you want, Bang! has been facilitating the dreams of our clients for more than 15 years. We are a multimedia design and advertising agency, supporting business across Canada and the US. The industries we service are as diverse as our customers.


Why Work With Us?

We see the whole picture. Rather than any one element, we understand the value of your brand when augmented by strong images and graphic design. We know how powerful it can be when your brand is supported by social media and amplified by a great website. Our success is measured by your ROI and happy customers and business relationships.
Success doesn’t happen by accident. We study your audience, learn about your competitors and connect to your key objectives. Whether your company is trying to grow, attract a new client or earn a large new contract, Bang! is like the partner you wish you had.

We are responsive to our client’s needs in a way that few agencies can be. Why? Because our close-knit structure allows us to be. We are uniquely affordable because we work with in a modern, satellite structure, without the weight of massive overhead. Our designers, developers, social media mavens, photographers and videographers are all highly skilled and masters of their domains, We bring in additional talent for projects as needed. By operating in this manner we can grow and recede as projects require, allowing the company to grow and thrive over the long term.

But, enough about us. Tell us about your vision today. Many of our clients in tourism, environmental mining, software development or book publishing came to us because they were looking for a different approach to being seen and heard. A one-stop shop where all services are integrated. They came to us, told us their dreams and we worked to help them come true… How ‘bout you? Contact us today.