Social Media:

Where Engagement and Commerce Meet



Social Media Done Right

Need a competitive edge? Superior social media support can help your business rise above the noise and engage customers like nothing else. Your investment in social media easily assessed as ROI is entirely transparent with our analytics and reports. The days of printing 10,000 brochures with the hope that a few people read them, are over.

High-performance social media support costs less than you might think. Popular platforms build and convert a valued audience into paying customers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing programs. Best of all, your investment in social media and our results are entirely trackable. No more wondering whether it working… We’ll know.

At Bang! MediaWorks, social media is targeted, thoughtful, and effective. Our process goes something like this:


Competitive analysis: We do a cursory assessment of your industry, your business and your audience and discover where the opportunities live.


– We create a Social Media Plan for Your Business by selecting the right social media platforms and designing your audience.
– We begin the process of building an effective social media program
– We learn the language of your business


– We post regularly and strategically
– We respond to inquiries where possible or pass them onto your team
– We monitor the competition’s social media presence


– Track and report progress
– Adjust plan as Needed
– Ensure metrics continue to perform
– Assess objectives. Are you getting what you need?

Your business is unique, just like our solutions. Can social media take your business to the next level? Call us for a no-cost, no-hassle consultation.