Biography & Goals

What About Jas? She could easily be considered the full package when it comes to making moving pictures; Jas shoots, edits and creates video vignettes for clients of Bang! Upon graduating from the Film Production program at Vancouver Film School, Jas went to work as a Teaching Assistant and ran workshops for students wanting to increase their skills in VFS’s Editing program.

Since that time, she has shot several pieces for Bang! and is now delving into the world of motion graphics, allowing for the creation of unique film credits. She also recently designed a children’s book with another scheduled for early spring.

Jas Enjoys: Learning new techniques, meeting new people, and really, living the dream.

And Now: Jas currently works from Los Angles where she mingles with studio types and creates works like the introductory piece featured on the Contact page of this website.

Technical Prowess: Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Professional Goals: To continue both with her evolution as an artist and to set our clients’ professional world on fire!