Biography & Goals

What About Ginger? She’s part geek and happy to admit it! Ginger is fascinated by people and the connections created between them. She is constantly surprised by the ability of the Internet to foster new relationships and create influencers. Ginger also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, specializing in Marketing and Information Systems.

A Bit of Background: With a strong background in Internet Marketing, Ginger spent several years leading her team, focusing on brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. She integrates this experience with her social media prowess to create successful digital marketing strategies.

Outside the Studio: Enjoying time on the slopes, volunteering within the organizations she holds dear and striving to encourage women to get out of their aerobics comfort zone and try more challenging things like downhill mountain biking!

The Objective: Raising the internet marketing to an art form; elevating social media to a symphony of mathematical algorithms… With exciting, measurable results!