Mahdis Group – Tehran

Harnessing the synergy of talent and business

The Mahdis Group is bound together by the colourful Ghandchi family and the pursuit of excellence. Based in Tehran, the capital of Iran, the family has been building successful ventures for 35 years. Collectively, they’ve created synergies within their organizations to create constant momentum and traction within the various marketplaces, from Import to the top auto body shop for luxury cars in the country.

This website was structured to create a cohesive presence for the various enterprises within the Mahdis Group. Gathering the companies together under one umbrella had not been attempted prior to the creation of the website. As well, language barriers meant that all content had to be created with only a limited understanding of the companies themselves.

Thus, great images do much of the communicating. Key phrases and eloquent content help convert a sense of worldly success. While the Mahdis Group site is B2B, its tone acknowledges that successful companies and the people who run them, create and enjoy status.